Hassle free Small Business loan up to $100000.00

Rate of interest: Up to 2% - 6%

The key to business growth is Get Credit Union

Rate of interest: Up to 2% - 6%

Looking to set up or expand your business?

Rate of interest: Up to 2% - 6%

Approval within 3-5 hours

Nominal interest rates

No guarantors

Minimum documentation

Features of business loan

Here is an exhaustive list of all the fees and charges to be paid for the business loan.

Quick Approval

We’ll approve your loan within 3-5 minutes.

Easy Loan Repayment

You can repay your loan in up to ten years.


Transparency is key when you are looking for a business loan.

Our Business Loan Products

If you know which loan you would like to apply for, choose one from below:

Fast Business Loan

Funding as Fast as Within two hours. No Collateral Required, No Credit Check, Free Quote, Bad Credit OK! Get Funded Today.

Flexible Credit Line

A flexible Credit Line, FCL for short is a form of pre-approved lending and comes without conditions on how the money is spent.

Unsecured Term Loan

An unsecured loan is a loan that doesn’t require any collateral. Instead of relying on a borrower’s assets as security, lenders approve.

Merchant Funding Loan

Get pre-qualified for your loan in 59 seconds. Merchant Loan – get the lowest rate for your merchant loan. Pre-Qualify in 59 Seconds. 1,000+ Successful Loans.

Small Business owner

Get Your Small Business Funded Fast! Go to the Get Credit Union® Official Site. Secure and Fast. Get a Business Loan Today. No Credit Check.

Secured Business Loan

Unsecured Business Loans up to 750K in 24 hours. Bad Credit OK 100% Approval Rate. Get Funded Today. No Collateral Required, Bad Credit Options Avail.

About Business Loan and How does it work

A business loan could provide you with money to help your business grow.

Business loans provide business owners with financing either as a lump-sum payment or credit line.

In exchange for this funding, your business agrees to repay the money it borrows over time, plus interest and fees.

As the name suggests, business loans are specifically for business use and can range in length, from just a few weeks to several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started Simple & Securely

Specific business loans vary from lender to lender, but they tend to be between $1,000 and $50,000.

You can depend on many factors, including the size of your business and its financial health.

Just 3 step away

  • 1. Fill out the online form. Apply Now
  • 2. Fill in the mandatory details, & click Submit
  • 3. Our representative will get in touch with you

    Applying with us will not affect your credit score.

    Let us help your business grow!

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